Running MicroBlocks in the Browser

MicroBlocks runs in Chrome and recent Microsoft Edge browsers. That can be helpful in school, library, and other settings where it is difficult to install application programs.

Run MicroBlocks

Click the green button at the top of this page to run MicroBlocks.

Install Firmware

The first time you use MicroBlocks on a new board you must install the MicroBlocks firmware. Select "update firmware on board" from the MicroBlocks (gear) menu and follow the prompts.


Connect your microcontroller to the computer with a USB cable, then click on the USB icon. That will bring up a dialog box listing the available serial ports. On some platforms, you may see your microcontroller listed twice; either one will work.

If the browser connects successfully, a green circle will appear behind the USB icon:

Working with Projects

Use the file menu to save and open files:

In the File Open dialog, the computer button will allow you to navigate to the file you saved. You can also open a MicroBlocks file by dropping it onto the MicroBlocks browser window: