MicroBlocks is a blocks programming language for physical computing inspired by Scratch. It runs on microcontrollers such as the micro:bit, Calliope mini, AdaFruit Circuit Playground Express, and many others.

What makes MicroBlocks special?

Live Coding

MicroBlocks is a live environment. Click on a block and it runs immediately, right on the board. Try out commands. See and graph sensor values in real time. No more waiting for code to compile and download.

Multitask Naturally

Want to display an animation while controlling a motor? No problem! MicroBlocks lets you write separate scripts for each task and run them at the same time. Your code is simpler to write and easier to understand.

Run Everywhere

MicroBlocks runs on many different boards, but your scripts are portable. Buttons, sensors, and display blocks behave the same on all boards with the relevant hardware. MicroBlocks even simulates the micro:bit 5x5 LED display on TFT displays.

Unplug and go!

MicroBlocks downloads your code as you write it. When you like what your program does, just unplug the board and you're good to go. Make a game, a fitness app, or light-up clothing that goes wherever you do.

Plug in to share

With MicroBlocks, the board acts like a memory stick. No need for files; just plug in a board and the scripts reappear. Hand your board to a friend so they can explore your code. They might even add a cool new feature!

Next Steps

Get MicroBlocks

Visit the Download page to download the MicroBlocks app for Windows, MacOS, Linux, or Raspberry Pi. If you have a Chromebook, you can get the Chromebook App.

Run MicroBlocks in Chrome or Edge Browser

You can also run MicroBlocks in a Chrome or Edge browser without installing anything.

Activity Cards

Visit the Learn section to find activity cards that will help you get started and then explore projects involving animation, colorful LEDs, sound, servo motors, communications, remote control, Internet of Things and more.